Chrisley Knows Best Daughter Dies – Updates on Daughter’s Name Chrisley’s Passing

Chrisley Knows Best

hit USA Network reality show “Chrisley Knows Best” follows the over-the-top and extravagant life of real estate mogul Todd Chrisley and his family. However, fans of the show received shocking and heartbreaking news in June 2022 regarding one of Todd Chrisley’s daughters.

The Chrisley Knows Best Daughter

Todd Chrisley has five children – three daughters, Lindsie and Kyle, and former daughter-in-law, Jillian, and two sons, Chase and Grayson. His youngest daughter, former daughter-in-law Jillian, passed away at the age of 37. Jillian Chrisley was Todd Chrisley’s youngest daughter-in-law, having been married to his son Kyle Chrisley.

Cause of Death

While the whole cause of Jillian’s passing has not yet been revealed, Todd Chrisley Knows Best posted about the death on his Instagram account. In his post, Todd stated that Jillian had passed away earlier in June 2022 but did not disclose the specific cause. Many details surrounding Jillian’s unexpected passing remain unknown at this time. Friends and family have asked for privacy as they grieve and come to terms with her loss.

Reactions to the News

Naturally, the news of Jillian’s death came as a shock to fans of the reality show as well as the Chrisley family themselves. Todd’s Instagram post announcing the tragic news was flooded with comments expressing shock, sadness, and condolences. Other Chrisley Knows Best cast members also took to social media to share tributes and pay respects to Jillian. Todd’s daughter Lindsie voiced her grief over losing her sister-in-law in an emotional post on Instagram.

While the circumstances around Jillian’s passing are private, it is clear from the family’s social media statements that her loss has brought immense sadness. Jillian had been part of the Chrisley family for years through her marriage to Kyle. Todd and Savannah Chrisley made it clear in their posts honoring Jillian that her loved ones would deeply miss her.

Updates on the Family’s Grieving

In the month since Jillian’s death, the Chrisley family has been privately grieving while also sharing memories on social media. Todd has posted fond flashback photos as well as current images of meditating poolside with the caption, “We all process grief differently.”

In an interview, Todd updated fans on the family’s grieving process in mid-July. He stated that while the pain will always be there since losing a child is unlike any other loss, they are finding moments of laughter through remembering Jillian. He credits Jillian’s vibrant spirit and love for others with helping the family process their grief. Todd has also encouraged others struggling with loss to continue honoring their loved one’s memory.

It remains to be seen if “Chrisley Knows Best” will address Jillian’s passing in an upcoming season or special episode. The reality show provides a window into the ups and downs of Todd Chrisley’s larger-than-life family. Viewers have shown an outpouring of support for the Chrisleys as they grieve such a profound loss behind the fame and television cameras. For now, the family prioritizes healing in private while keeping Jillian’s memory alive through funny anecdotes and her zest for life.

Remembering Jillian

In his interview, Todd shared fond memories of Jillian that show her loving and vibrant personality. He recalled her passion for rescuing animals and how she brought that same caring spirit to all her relationships. Jillian loved to travel and experience new cultures. Her zeal for life was infectious to all who knew her. She will be remembered for her warm hugs, contagious laugh, and ability to light up any room.

Messages of Support

The Chrisley Knows Best family has received an outpouring of support on social media from fans sending their condolences. Many commenters shared how the reality show gave them laughter and escape during difficult times. They want to return that support to Todd and his family now. Celebrities like Mario Lopez also expressed shock over Jillian’s passing and prayed to grieving loved ones. These messages have undoubtedly helped the Chrisleys feel less alone in their grief journey.

A Private Memorial

In mid-July, Todd shared that the family held a private memorial service for Jillian. They gathered to celebrate her life with prayers, memories and mementos representing her big personality. Todd found the ceremonial closure helpful for acceptance but acknowledged grief has no timeline. The memorial allowed friends and family to directly honor Jillian together as they continue individually processing this life-changing loss.

Producing Through Pain

Filming the USA reality show provides a structure for Todd but also unpredictably triggers sad memories. He shared in a recent interview that grieving while taping is challenging but therapeutic. Laughing on set with his kids and their antics reminds Todd of Jillian’s joyful spirit. Her memory lives on in their family bond and their fun with audiences. Todd sees continuing the show as honoring Jillian’s love of bringing others together through shared laughs and experiences.

A Father’s Faith

Todd’s Southern Christian faith has given him perspective and peace during this challenging season. He finds solace knowing Jillian is in a better place, free from pain. Todd believes Jillian would want him to focus on gratitude for their shared time rather than despair over her absence. His faith in God’s plan, even when unknowable, gives Todd and his family the strength to face each new day adjusting to life without Jillian’s physical presence but with her in their hearts.

Loving Legacy Lives On

While the shock of her passing still lingers heavily, Todd finds purpose in keeping Jillian’s memory alive by sharing stories that make her personality shine. Her zest for life serves as an inspiration for fully embracing each moment. Todd hopes Jillian’s legacy of compassion, adventure and bringing light to others continues influencing loved ones for years to come. Her loving impact on the Chrisley family and all those whose lives she touched will be eternal.

In closing,

the shocking death of Jillian Chrisley, once a beloved member of Todd Chrisley’s reality television family, is a tragic reminder of the fragility of life. While the circumstances around her passing at only 37 remain private, her family and many fans will continue to feel the impact of losing such a bright, caring person. The Chrisleys seem to be leaning on faith, memories, and community support to get through this challenging season of grief. Updates on how the family honors Jillian’s legacy in the future will surely provide comfort for those also coping with profound loss.

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