Eric Weinberger Wife Name and Biography

Eric Weinberger Wife

Eric Weinberger is an American television personality featured on many reality shows such as What Not to Wear and Clean House. However, many viewers are curious about his personal life outside of television, especially regarding his wife. This article will provide critical details on Eric Weinberger wife, including her name and background, through various subheadings and long-form paragraphs in an informative style.

Who is Eric Weinberger Married, To?

Eric Weinberger has been married to Debbie Weinberger since 1995. Not much is publicly known about Debbie, as she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, but she has occasionally appeared on her husband’s television shows. According to Eric, he and Debbie were introduced by a mutual friend and hit it off immediately, bonding over their shared interest in interior design and organization. They dated for about a year before getting married in a private ceremony in NYC.

Debbie Weinberger Background and Profession

Debbie Weinberger grew up in Port Washington, New York, and attended Binghamton University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. After college, she launched her career working for a prominent fashion retailer in Manhattan. She rose to become a buyer and worked in the industry for over 15 years before stepping back to focus on family life. Even now, Debbie maintains her passion for fashion and interior design as a hobby by renovating and decorating homes. Using her expert eye, she has helped Eric style many of the homes featured on Clean House over the years.

Relationship With Eric Weinberger on Television

While Debbie prefers to stay out of the limelight, she has supported Eric’s television career. She has sporadic appearances on Clean House and What Not to Wear to offer her perspective and insights into the homeowners’ lives. Viewers enjoy getting glimpses into Eric and Debbie’s loving dynamic, where they playfully tease each other but are very much in love and partnership. Debbie is often seen laughing and encouraging Eric during the reveal portions of the shows. She has also appeared in promotional materials and interviews to cheer on her husband. Though not an on-camera regular, Debbie is undoubtedly Eric’s number-one fan and biggest champion behind the scenes.

Life at Home With Debbie and Their Children

Eric enjoys relaxing in New Jersey with Debbie and their twin daughters when he is not busy with his television commitments. In interviews, Eric has said that family always comes first, and his relationship with Debbie is the most essential thing in his life. They raised their daughters in an organized, down-to-earth home focused on quality time, travel, and experience over material things. Both girls attended top colleges—one for business and the other for nursing. Eric credits Debbie as the glue that holds their family together with her warmth, kindness, and ability to create a happy home environment.

charity work and Community Involvement

Behind the scenes, Eric and Debbie Weinberger are also very involved in their local community. They have supported numerous charities focused on causes like homelessness, women’s shelters, and children’s health over the years. Specifically, Debbie volunteers with an organization that decorates shelters and assists women in need with interior design consultations to make their homes more livable. She also regularly donates time and products from the set of Clean House to charity auctions. Eric and Debbie emphasize that giving back privately is very important, though they do not seek publicity for their philanthropic efforts. Overall, they present a picture of a loving couple committed to family, service, and improving lives through design.

Moving Forward in Their Decades-Long Marriage

In their late 50s, Eric and Debbie Weinberger continue thriving in their marriage of over 25 years. While Eric remains active in television through new projects like A&E’s Hoarders, their priority at this stage is spending quality time with loved ones. Both are proud grandparents as well. In recent interviews, Eric expressed his gratitude for having such a supportive wife who shares his passion for helping others. Debbie said that Eric makes her laugh daily and feels blessed for the life they’ve built together. Though private and out of the spotlight, Debbie Weinberger plays an invaluable role as Eric’s life partner and remains his rock personally and professionally after nearly three decades of marriage.

How They Met and Fell in Love

Eric and Debbie met in 1989 in New York City through mutual friends. At the time, Debbie worked as a fashion buyer while Eric began his television career. They were set up on a blind date and instantly connected over their New York upbringing and interest in the arts. After just one date, Eric knew Debbie was exceptional and asked her on a second date. They began regularly dating, and within a year, Eric knew Debbie was the one. Their relationship developed organically from friendship into love.

Starting a Family Together

In 2000, Eric and Debbie welcomed their twin daughters via IVF after struggling with infertility issues. They named their girls Jordan and Madison. Becoming parents brought Eric and Debbie closer, and they doted on their daughters. Jordan and Madison were Eric’s main inspirations for his show Clean House; wanting to teach kids the value of organization. To this day, being a dad is one of Eric’s most cherished roles, and he is incredibly proud of the woman his daughters have become.

Life Behind the Scenes

While Eric became a household name through his TV shows, the Weinberger family’s life behind the scenes was much quieter and low-key. They resided in a suburban New Jersey home where Debbie focussed on raising their daughters and keeping a beautifully organized household. Eric was fully present when not working and helped with chores like laundry and cooking. Debbie handled scheduling and kept the family’s life running smoothly, even during Eric’s busy periods. Their daughters were raised with strong family values.

mutual support through career highs and lows

No marriage is without challenges, and Eric credits Debbie for supporting him through the highs and lows of his TV career journey. She encouraged his passion in the early years when shows had yet to take off. And during stressful filming periods or network issues, she remained his calm and centered companion. Likewise, Eric hugely supported Debbie when she stepped away from her fashion career to focus on motherhood full-time. They find strength in relying on and celebrating each other through life’s chapters.

shared love of travel and adventure

In their free time, one of Eric and Debbie’s favorite things to do together is travel the world. They have explored numerous countries from Europe to Asia to Australia and enjoy learning about different cultures. Travel has remained a considerable part of their marriage for over 25 years. They also love road trips around the US and Canada, bonding through shared experiences. Eric says keeping a sense of adventure alive has kept their relationship fresh and exciting through the decades.

looking toward a bright future together

In their late 50s, Eric and Debbie Weinberger show no signs of slowing down. While their adult daughters have moved out independently, the couple continues thriving personally and professionally. With a strong marriage foundation of over 25 years, they feel their best years are still ahead. Retirement plans involve more travel, volunteering, and potentially moving to a new home base. Their lifelong commitment to one another through thick and thin inspires lasting love and partnership.

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