Eleanor Talitha Bailey: Rising Starlet and Daughter of Supermodel Devon Aoki and Director James Bailey 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Life

Eleanor Talitha Bailey was born on May 5th, 2015, in Los Angeles, California, to Japanese-American model Devon Aoki

and English film director James Bailey. From a young age, Eleanor was exposed to the glamour of the entertainment industry through her parents’ careers. While her mother was busy walking runways for top designers, Eleanor would often visit her mother’s photo shoots and accompany her to industry events and parties.

Her father’s work as a director also gave Eleanor a behind-the-scenes look at film productions. 

Family and Upbringing 

Eleanor Talitha Bailey comes from a multicultural background, with her mother of Japanese descent and her father hailing from England. She was raised mainly in Los Angeles but also spent time in London and Tokyo visiting extended family. Devon and James celebrated both sides of Eleanor’s heritage and ensured she was exposed to Western and Eastern cultures. From a young age, Eleanor was fluent in English and Japanese,

having attended bilingual schools. Her parents emphasized the importance of family and staying grounded despite living in the spotlight of Hollywood.

Early Acting Career

Eleanor Talitha Bailey natural charm and charisma were noticed from a young age. She landed her first minor role in her father’s indie film at just three years old. Though only a bit part, it gave Eleanor a taste of acting and working on set. Her breakout role came in 2020 when she was cast as the daughter of Devon Aoki’s character in an action film. Eleanor stole many scenes with her precocious line delivery and screen presence that belied her five years.

Her performance spread in Hollywood, and more roles started coming her way.

Breakthrough Role and Rising Starlet Status  

In 2022, Eleanor Talitha Bailey landed the role that indeed launched her career. She was cast as the young female lead in a significant Disney+ series about a family of spies. Eleanor brought vulnerability and grit to the character of Ivy, a child prodigy helping her spy parents on covert missions. Her nuanced and emotionally intelligent portrayal wowed both critics and audiences. At just seven years old, Eleanor proved she had severe acting chops beyond her years. The show was a massive hit, and Eleanor became a household name, appearing on talk shows and the covers of tween magazines. 

Career and Future Projects

Off the success of the Disney+ series, Eleanor Talitha Bailey has been in high demand. She spent much of 2023 and early 2024 juggling projects, often filming back-to-back. Some of her notable roles include a wealthy orphan in a period drama mini-series and the daughter of movie stars in a satirical comedy. Eleanor also took on her first significant voice acting role, lending her voice to the lead character in an animated fantasy film for Netflix. Critics have praised her vocal range and ability to emote solely through voice.

Eleanor is considered one of Hollywood’s most promising young actresses at just nine years old. She recently wrapped filming on a thriller about teen cyberbullying slated for 2025 release. Fans are excited to see how Eleanor’s star will continue rising.

Personal Life

Eleanor loves dance classes, singing lessons, and spending time with family and friends when not working. She remains grounded with the support of her parents, Devon and James, who shield her from industry pressures. Eleanor is passionate about various charitable causes, especially organizations empowering young girls. She aims to use her platform to promote inclusion, empowerment, and environmental protection messages. At only 9,

Eleanor Talitha Bailey proves you’re never too young to make a difference on and off screen. She is poised to become one of the most influential celebrities of her generation.

Early Training and Passion for the Arts

Eleanor Talitha Bailey was passionate about the performing arts from a very young age. She began taking dance and singing lessons at just three years old, and by age 5, she was studying method acting techniques. Eleanor’s parents supported her various pursuits but didn’t force her into anything. It was clear from how eagerly Eleanor threw herself into her lessons that she loved singing, dancing, and acting. These early trainings laid the groundwork for the skills she would refine as her career progressed.

Success on the Concert Stage

In addition to acting, Eleanor has also found success in music. In 2021, she released her first single, a catchy pop song about friendship. The song became a viral hit on TikTok. In 2022, at only seven years old, she embarked on her first North American concert tour. Audiences were wowed by Eleanor’s powerful four-octave vocal range and energetic stage presence. Since then, she has toured internationally and released two EPs of original songs. Music now serves as an additional creative outlet for her talents.

Studies and Balancing a Busy Schedule

With how in demand she is professional, it would be easy for Eleanor Talitha Bailey schooling to fall by the wayside. However, her parents have made education a top priority. She has private tutors on set to keep up with assignments. When at home, Eleanor attends a private academy with flexibility for her filming schedule. Teachers provide specialized curriculums to suit her needs. Eleanor is determined not to let acting get in the way of achieving her academic goals. 

Environmental and Political Activism

Eleanor Talitha Bailey has never been afraid to use her platform for causes she believes in. At just 7, she gave a rousing speech at a climate change rally, urging politicians to take bolder action. She has also advocated for gun control reform and LGBTQ+ rights. Eleanor educates her millions of young followers on social media about important issues. Given her age, her parents support her activism but counsel wisdom and non-partisanship. Still, Eleanor is passionate about raising awareness through hopeful, solution-driven messages.

Dedication to Philanthropy

In addition to activism, Eleanor Talitha Bailey is deeply involved in philanthropic work. She helped launch a charity providing arts education to underserved youth. Eleanor also fundraises for organizations empowering girls through STEM. During the pandemic, she initiated a viral campaign that raised over $1 million for food banks. Her generosity of spirit is inspiring other child stars to get involved in giving back. Even with a busy career, Eleanor makes time for philanthropy, seeing it as part of using her platform for good.

Close Bond with Family

Despite spending much of her time working, Eleanor Talitha Bailey always puts family first. She is incredibly close with her parents, Devon and James, leaning on them for career advice and emotional support. Eleanor also adores her grandparents and spends time with her cousins in America and Japan. Her parents have ensured she remains a normal kid despite fame. Family vacations, game nights, and home cooking help provide stability. The tight-knit Bailey family serves as an anchor for Eleanor in Hollywood.


It is clear that at only nine years old, Eleanor Talitha Bailey has already accomplished more than most do in a lifetime. She possesses a dedication, talent, and passion that belie her young age. While most children her age are just starting school, Eleanor juggles a thriving acting career, music ambitions, activism work, and rigorous studies. Through it all, she stays humble with the support of her loving family. The best is yet to come for this rising talent as she showcases her abilities across screen, stage, and beyond. With her hard work ethic and kind heart,

Eleanor will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on both entertainment and the world for many years to follow. She proves that with dedication and drive, one is never too young to achieve great things.

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