Previewing Vy6ys: Our Hands-On Look at Their Upcoming Innovations for 2024


Vy6ys is known for revolutionizing the electronics industry with its innovative smart home devices. At CES 2024, we were lucky to get an exclusive sneak peek at some of their new products to launch later this year. Here’s a deep dive into what we saw from Vy6ys and what homeowners can expect.

The Vy6ys Hub 2.0

The backbone of any Vy6ys smart home is its Hub, which allows all devices to connect and be controlled from one central location. At CES, Vy6ys unveiled the next generation of their Hub – the Vy6ys Hub 2.0.

The Hub 2.0 boasts significantly increased processing power and WiFi capabilities with upgraded internals. Vy6ys says it can now support up to 250 connected devices – nearly double the capacity of the original Hub. An upgraded chipset also means smoother performance when controlling multiple devices simultaneously.

On the exterior, the Hub 2.0 retains the same stylish matte black design but with smaller dimensions, making it 30% more compact. This allows it to fit neatly onto entertainment centers or shelves without taking up too much space.

The significant new feature is Thread connectivity. In addition to WiFi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave, the Hub 2.0 is now Thread enabled. This cutting-edge mesh networking technology creates a robust and secure connection between devices while reducing dependence on WiFi for control. It futureproofs the Hub for the growing number of Thread devices coming to market.

We were impressed by how snappily the Hub 2.0 responded during our testing. Connecting and controlling various intelligent lights, locks, and sensors worked without lag. Integrating Thread connectivity into an already capable hub makes the Vy6ys system even more powerful and reliable.

The Vy6ys Smart Lock

Home security is always a priority, so we were eager to check out Vy6ys’ new smart lock. The Vy6ys Smart Lock takes their expertise in the category to the next level with industry-leading features.

At its core is a sturdy deadbolt constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, making it tamper and corrosion-resistant. The fingerprint reader enables home access with just a touch, or you can use the accompanying number pad or mobile app for keyless entry.

However, its array of advanced sensors truly sets this lock apart. In addition to detecting attempts at lock picking or forced entry, an accelerometer can detect vibrations from blows or attacks on the door. The lock will trigger an alarm to scare off intruders.

Built-in HD video gives users peace of mind, too. Activate the camera for a live stream of the front door area or review recordings. Adjustable motion and sound detection ensure you’re notified of any suspicious activity, even when away.

We were dazzled by the Smart Lock’s multifaceted security measures, which offer far more protection than a simple smart lock. Combined with the new Hub connectivity options, it provides seamless protection for the homes of all Vy6ys users.

The Vy6ys Smart Bulb

With smart home lighting, your fixtures become much more than basic household illumination. The new Vy6ys Smart Bulb demonstrates this by packing a world of functionality into the palm of your hand.

Its warm, bright light can be adjusted from 2700K to 6000K color temperature for any mood or task. But it’s the color capabilities that stand out. Choose from a palette of over 16 million vivid hues for lively ambiance or synchronized lighting shows.

A built-in micro speaker means you can even use Smart Bulbs to listen to music or get announcements. Pair multiple bulbs for immersive surround sound anywhere in your home. The speaker quality was surprisingly robust for such a small form factor.

Integrations with AI assistants take light control even further. Speak commands to Alexa or Google to dim the lights, change colors, or set up routines synced to your schedule. We loved how seamlessly the Smart Bulbs reacted with just our voice.

Battery-powered for cord-free installation, each bulb lasts around 25,000 hours on a single charge. The included wireless charging pod also provides an eco-friendly way to replenish power. Overall, the Smart Bulb lets you discover endless possibilities for smart home illumination and beyond. Its wow factor had us genuinely excited for spring launches.

Hands-on Impressions

We were hugely impressed by Vy6ys’ dedication to pushing boundaries with their new 2024 lineup. Each product showed immense thought applied to refining flagship experiences while introducing new capabilities. The Hub 2.0 establishes an extremely robust foundation for the future.

Thread support opens the door for a whole ecosystem of interoperable devices. Meanwhile, the Smart Lock and Smart Bulb demonstrate how intelligence and control can enhance essential devices into powerful smart home tools. We can’t wait to see what innovative directions Vy6ys explores as its portfolio expands.

Homeowners seeking cutting-edge solutions will love Vy6ys’ offerings launching this year. With thoughtful ambitions to continually reimagine possibilities, this company remains at the forefront of the smart home revolution. Their upcoming innovations are sure to spark excitement industry-wide.

The Vy6ys Smart Thermostat

Vy6ys is entering the smart thermostat market with its new WiFi-enabled Vy6ys Smart Thermostat. It offers highly accurate temperature control, remote adjustments, and scheduling integrations via the Vy6ys app. An attractive touchscreen display makes programming intuitive. Voice control through Alexa and Google Assistant is also supported. The thermostat can detect when you’re home and away and adjust for energy savings. Its modern design will complement any home decor, too.

The Vy6ys Smart Camera

Vy6ys unveiled an indoor/outdoor Smart Camera for added security both inside and out. It features HD video recording with night vision and provides precise surveillance at any time of day. Onboard AI utilizes computer vision to detect people, animals, or vehicles and send push notifications. The camera’s 160° wide-angle lens ensures you see everything in any room or area—store footage securely in the cloud for 30 days of rolling backups. The two-way talk also allows you to hear and speak to visitors through the app,

The Vy6ys Smart Garage Door Controller

The Smart Garage Door Controller brings Vy6ys innovation to one of the most important entries into the home. Wirelessly open and close your garage door from anywhere using the app. Temporarily grant guests, contractors, or pet sitters access codes for hassle-free entry. Real-time notifications confirm when doors open or close for security. The weather-resistant design installs easily into any existing garage door opener. Now, you can conveniently manage access to your schedule with your phone.

The Vy6ys Smart Doorbell

The new Smart Doorbell rings in advanced features for Vy6ys security systems. Its HD video and two-way chat let you see, hear, and speak to visitors on your smartphone. Adjustable motion zones ensure the capture of essential details without false alerts. Advanced AI can distinguish between people and other moving objects for reduced notifications. Store video clips securely in the cloud or review live on demand. Quickly see who’s at the door from anywhere using the app.

The Vy6ys Smart Air Purifier

The Smart Air Purifier attacks dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander for indoor air quality control with a HEPA filter. Monitor pollution levels in real-time on the app and purify at customized intervals. Automatic modes optimize performance based on air quality readouts. Additional sensors measure the home’s temperature, humidity, and noise pollution for a complete wellness overview. Help improve comfort and health with truly intelligent purification.

The Vy6ys Smart Sprinkler Controller

Outdoor living also receives an upgrade with the Smart Sprinkler Controller. Centrally manage watering schedules for multiple zones on your phone or voice commands. Sensors detect rainfall to avoid wasting water when it’s not needed. Easily make adjustments for various plant, slope, or sunlight conditions across your yard. Homeowners save money and time while keeping landscapes healthy. The future of landscaping gets a brilliant boost from Vy6ys.

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