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Aiyifan TV

With so many television options on the market today, it can be not easy to choose the right TV for your needs and budget. While big-name brands may have higher price tags, the Aiyifan brand offers a great selection of smart TVs at very affordable prices. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Aiyifan TV and what they have to offer.

Features and Specifications

Aiyifan produces TVs in a variety of screen sizes ranging from 32 to 55 inches. Their most basic models offer an HD resolution of 1366×768, while more advanced options deliver Full HD 1080p resolution or even crisp 4K UHD.

As the name implies, all Aiyifan TVs are smart TVs that allow you to access streaming content and apps directly from the TV without needing a separate streaming device. They come equipped with Android TV or other smart operating systems for access to thousands of apps. Built-in WiFi and streaming capabilities ensure easy connectivity.

Ports include HDMI, USB, Ethernet, optical audio out, and more, depending on the model. Higher-end 4K models will have HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 compatibility for 4K HDR playback. Built-in speakers power audio, but many support Dolby Audio as well as Bluetooth or 3.5mm output for external speakers.

Display Quality and Performance

While on a different level than top-name brands, Aiyifan TV screens deliver surprisingly good picture quality, given their affordable price points. Basic HD models have decent resolution and color but may need more brightness.4K UHD and Full HD LED-LCD screens boast vivid colors and deep blacks thanks to LED backlighting. Higher native contrast ratios paired with brightness levels of 250-300 nits make images really pop. Motion smoothing and decent refresh rates also prevent blurring during fast-paced content.

Software Features

Using smart TV platforms like Android provides access to popular streaming apps at your fingertips. Popular options like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, and more come pre-installed. Voice assistants like Google Assistant allow hands-free searching and control.Other standard software features include quick access to live TV programming via built-in DTV tuners, cloud gaming support, screen mirroring from mobile devices, and integrated web browsers. Compatible models can also become part of a multi-room or whole-home audio setup.

Value and Warranty

The biggest selling point of Aiyifan TVs is their outright affordability compared to higher-priced brands. Budget models can often be found for well under $300, while mid-range options stay comfortably below $500.Even the more premium 4K televisions remain very competitively priced between $600-$1000, yet still tout many of the latest features at those price points. Aiyifan backs their TVs with standard 1-year limited warranties as well.

Our Top Aiyifan TV Picks

Aiyifan FHD LED TV (32″)
This is an entry-level HD screen that delivers solid overall performance for the money. With specs like 1366×768 resolution, 178-degree viewing angles, 3 HDMI ports, and built-in streaming, it makes a great beginner TV.

Aiyifan UHD 4K LED Smart TV (43″)
Jumping to bigger screen sizes and higher resolution, this model has stunning 4K clarity powered by LEDs. HDR10 support enhances colors, while a quad-core processor keeps apps running smoothly.

Aiyifan 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV(55″)
As one of their largest options, this 55-inch TV stands out with vivid contrast, sharpness, and motion handling. Being 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision compatible makes it an entertainment powerhouse for any budget.

User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive Android TV interface makes Aiyifan TVs a breeze to use. Navigation is simple through an appealing tile-based home screen. Google Assistant allows searching or controlling the TV entirely by voice. Downloading additional streaming services, games, and other apps from the extensive Google Play Store is quick and easy.

Wide Viewing Angles

With up to 178-degree viewing angles, Aiyifan TVs can be enjoyed from almost any position in the room. Colors and clarity remain true even when viewing from off-center seats. The near-edge-to-edge screens also contribute to an incredibly immersive viewing experience.

Plug and Play Setup

Getting started with an Aiyifan TV involves little more than removing it from the box and plugging it in. Wireless connectivity allows automatic WiFi setup while pre-programmed smart functions are already enabled. Within minutes, you can be streaming, gaming, or watching live TV without any complicated configuration steps.

Free Over-the-Air TV

All Aiyifan smart TVs have digital ATSC tuners built right in for accessing free local channels via an optional HD antenna. No additional receiver or box is required. View your favorite network shows, live sports, news programs, and more completely free of charge.

Automated Software Updates

Constant software improvements delivered wirelessly help Aiyifan TV stay fresh. New features and bug fixes are downloaded automatically in the background to keep performance optimized. Compatibility with the latest apps and streaming services is reliably maintained long-term.

Backlit Remote Controls

For easy viewing in dimly lit rooms, Aiyifan includes remote controls with built-in backlighting. Convenient QWERTY keyboards make entering text a breeze as well. Battery life lasts up to 6 months between replacements, extending usability.


While still lesser known than Samsung, LG, or Sony, Aiyifan has established itself as a top budget-friendly brand producing smart TVs with excellent value. Their line of advanced LED TVs in various screen sizes offers many cutting-edge features once only found on higher-priced models. For those looking to save money on a new TV without skimping on quality, an Aiyifan is worth strong consideration.

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