Lifestyle Synonym Guide: Alternative Words for Someone’s Habits and Way of Life

Lifestyle Synonym

What is a Lifestyle?

A lifestyle refers to a person’s habits, opinions, and spending habits. It includes factors such as diet, exercise routines, recreational activities, work habits, types of transportation used, political views, charitable donations, and more. Essentially, a lifestyle captures someone’s overall mode of living and standard of living.

Why Use a Lifestyle Synonym?

While lifestyle works well in casual conversation, there may be better word choices for serious writing. Using a synonym can help avoid repetition and make your writing more sophisticated. Lifestyle synonyms are helpful when you need an alternative word for clarity, variety, or formality. Here are some common reasons why writers may want a lifestyle synonym:

  • To introduce variety in their vocabulary and writing style. Repeatedly using the exact words can make writing feel dull or repetitive.
  • When writing formally where lifestyle seems too casual or every day for the tone.
  • To clarify if lifestyle has multiple meanings that could confuse readers in that context.
  • For keyword variation in articles optimized for SEO to rank for different lifestyle-related searches.

Common Lifestyle Synonyms

Below are some of the most popular synonyms that can be used in place of lifestyle:

  • Way of life – A general phrase capturing how someone spends their time and lives daily. For example, “Their joyful way of life involved beach vacations and dining out.”

Mode of living—Slightly more formal than lifestyle, this term refers to one’s customary habits or behaviour patterns. For example, “After retiring, they adjusted to a less active mode of living.”

  • Living habits—This category focuses more narrowly on routine activities and behaviours rather than views or finances. For instance, “Her nutritionist recommended changes to her living habits like meal prep and snacking.”

Manner of living—Similar to lifestyle but slightly more formal. “His minimalist manner of living involved owning few possessions.”

  • Daily routine—This is more limited in scope than lifestyle as it only refers to regular daily activities and schedules. For example, “Exercise is part of her daily stress-reducing routine.”

Standard of living—A Broad term that includes economic factors like income level, type of housing, access to services, and so on that define quality of life. For instance, “High living costs in big cities lead to a lower standard of living for some.”

Additional Lifestyle Synonyms

Beyond the most common substitutes, many other words can work as lifestyle synonyms depending on the context:

  • Practice – “Vegetarianism is a practice they follow in their lifestyle.”
  • Customs – “Retiring to Florida involved adjusting to new customs very different from their prior lifestyle.”
  • Habits – “Daily habits like cooking at home were central to her lifestyle.”
  • Regimen – “He adopted a healthier regimen focused on nutrition and exercise as part of changing his lifestyle.”
  • Pursuits – “Their interests and leisurely pursuits defined the couple’s lifestyle together.”
  • Traits – “Introversion is one of her defining traits influencing her chosen lifestyle.”
  • Norms – “Small town norms no longer suited their evolving lifestyle in a big city.”
  • Acts – “Lifestyle acts like volunteering and donations fulfilled their values.”
  • Activities – “Weekend activities with friends were a fun part of their lifestyle.”
  • Behavior – “The community disapproved of some behaviours in their alternative lifestyle.”

Occupation and Lifestyle Synonyms

One’s occupation often influences lifestyle choices. Some synonyms related to occupation that can also work for lifestyle include:

Profession, career, job, line of work, occupation, vocation, business, trade, position, career path, career field, field, area of work. For example, “His new profession afforded an upscale lifestyle in a trendy downtown area.”

Spending and Financial Lifestyle Synonyms

Financial choices and level of spending define lifestyle for many. Some related synonyms include:

Expenditures, budget, means, income level, financial situation, affordability, wealth, resources, funds, spending habits, spending power, spending capacity, spending money, and standard of spending. For example, “Early retirement gave them the means for a leisurely lifestyle of travel and hobbies.”

Values and Beliefs Lifestyle Synonyms

Core values and beliefs underpin lifestyle decisions for some people. Relevant synonyms include:

Ethics, morals, views, philosophies, priorities, outlook, perspectives, ideologies, stances, convictions. For example, “Environmental values shaped their low-impact lifestyle focusing on sustainability.”

Health and Wellness Lifestyle Synonyms

Taking care of one’s health and wellness is a lifestyle factor for many. Potential synonyms include:

Fitness regime, diet, nutrition, exercise habits, wellness routine, health practices, health behaviours, healthy living. For example, “Yoga and a vegan diet defined her holistic lifestyle for health and well-being.”

Social Life and Community Lifestyle Synonyms

Who we spend time with socially plays a role in our lifestyle. Related synonyms could be:

Social circles, friend groups, social connections, social life, social activities, community involvement, and social networks. For example, “Their rich community involvement and social life were central features of their suburban lifestyle.”

Schedule and Routine Lifestyle Synonyms

How time is allocated and routines followed shape one’s lifestyle. Relevant synonyms include:

Daily schedule, time management, routines, rhythms, patterns, habits. For example, “Busy work schedules conflicted with their desired lifestyle of leisure and spontaneity.”


In summary, lifestyle refers to someone’s way of living as defined by their habits, opinions, activities, finances, etc. Using a synonym can spice up writing by introducing variety. The most common substitutes are way of life, mode of living, daily routine, and standard of living. But many other potential synonyms could also work depending on the context, from practices to traits to activities. Choosing the perfect synonym helps avoid repetition while accurately conveying your intended meaning.

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