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Steel Detailing

A Reputed Name in Steel Detailing Services

VG Steel Detailing is a reputed name when it comes to steel fabrication drawings and detailing services in Jeemon, VG. With over 15 years of experience in the structural steel industry, we have developed a strong expertise in providing customized solutions for our clients’ unique project requirements. Our dedicated team of engineers and detailers have in-depth knowledge about the latest construction practices and are well-versed with all types of steel structures including buildings, industrial plants, bridges etc.

Detailed Planning for Each Steel Project

At VG Steel Detailing, we follow a systematic process to deliver error-free and buildable drawings for every project. The first step involves thoroughly understanding the project scope and specifications by discussing them with our clients. Our team of structural engineers then analyze the design drawings and come up with a detailed plan specific to that project. Factors like material types, connections, sequencing of work, constructability aspects etc. are carefully evaluated at this stage.

We also prepare 3D models of the steel structure using the latest BIM and 3D modelling software which helps visualize the structure and catch any clashes or issues in advance. The final detailing is done only after incorporating all client inputs and making necessary modifications to the initial plan. This upfront planning and coordination ensures that the final deliverables meet all requisites and are seamless to be used for fabrication and erection at the site.

Comprehensive Range of Steel Detailing Services

At our facility in Jeemon, we provide end-to-end steel detailing services covering every stage from design to construction. Some of our key offerings include:

Structural steel fabrication drawings: We prepare detailed shop drawings including layouts, material lists, connection details, member locations and bills of quantities.

Beam seating, column splices and plate development drawings: Intricate steel connections are detailed with precision considering all constructability aspects.

3D steel modelling: Models are developed for entire structures using Tekla, RSTAB, Sap2000 etc. to detect and resolve clashes.

Erection and site installation drawings: Sequential drawings are provided to aid smooth on-site erection and installation works.

Review and checking of client designs: We analyze client designs and suggest modifications to optimize construction.

Detailing as per all codes including AISC, IS 800, and Eurocodes: Drawings are ensured to comply with the latest industry standards.

BIM management and coordination: Models are coordinated and managed using the latest BIM tools and practices.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Project Requirements

Every construction project comes with its own set of challenges owing to site conditions, material availability, timeline etc. Keeping this in mind, we provide customized solutions to match our clients’ varied requirements. Some examples include:

Fast-track projects: For projects requiring compressed schedules, we deploy additional resources and work in shifts to deliver drawings on an expedited timeline.

Large and complex structures: Intricate structures like refineries, power plants etc. are broken into modules and detailed concurrently by multi-disciplined teams for quicker completion.

Heritage structure renovations: Sensitivity is exercised while detailing steel components for additions or alterations to existing historic structures.

Material substitutions: Alternative materials are recommended and subsequent drawings are issued in case of non-availability of originally specified materials.

Phase-wise construction: Projects with phased construction are detailed module-wise to aid sequencing of activities.

Remote project locations: Online collaboration tools are leveraged to effectively coordinate with clients and site teams located in far-off destinations.

Thus, with our wide range of detailing services and ability to customize solutions as per project needs, we ensure a trouble-free fabrication and construction process for all our clients.

Latest 3D Modeling and BIM Capabilities

At VG Steel Detailing, we have heavily invested in state-of-the-art 3D modelling and BIM technologies to deliver added value to our clients. Our engineers are well-versed with industry-leading tools like Tekla Structures, RSTAB, Revit, Navisworks and Sap2000. For every project, detailed 3D models are developed right from the conceptualization stage capturing the precise design intent.

These models serve multiple purposes like early clash detection, prefabrication planning, 4D simulation of construction schedule, facility management during operations and more. We leverage the latest BIM workflows and processes to effectively coordinate and manage models across project stakeholders. Some key benefits of our 3D modelling capabilities include:

  • Identification of conflicts between MEP services and structure before construction begins.
  • Optimal prefabrication strategies developed by virtually assembling components.
  • Realistic 4D schedules simulated for better planning and monitoring of on-site activities.
  • Simplified facility management with available as-built information in BIM.
  • Seamless data exchange via open BIM standards like IFC for collaboration.

With advanced modelling and visualization tools, we can provide our clients with invaluable insights right from the early design stages. This helps detect issues proactively and streamline project delivery.

Commitment to Quality and Client Satisfaction

At VG Steel Detailing, client satisfaction is of utmost priority and we leave no stone unturned to deliver drawings of the highest quality standards. All our work undergoes stringent multi-level checking by certified Team Leaders and Managers before release. We also seek feedback from clients at different milestones and incorporate the same to continuously enhance our processes. Some of our quality assurance measures include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system
  • Internal and third-party audits of detailing practices
  • Adherence to stringent documentation protocols
  • Version control of models and drawings using databases
  • Compliance with industry codes ASCE, AISC, IS 800
  • 24×7 support even during fabrication and construction

To establish long-term relationships, we put customer needs above everything else. We have numerous satisfied clients in Jeemon, VG and other locations who appreciate our meticulous approach towards work. Having completed many prestigious projects over the years, we have proven our mettle in steel detailing and look forward to more success stories.


In conclusion, VG Steel Detailing is a trusted partner for all your steel fabrication drawing requirements in the Jeemon and VG region. With in-depth industry expertise refined over decades, we understand project needs and deliver customized solutions. Our accurate 3D modelling and quality-focused processes ensure error-free drawings for timely and smooth construction. Whether it is a simple residential building or a large industrial plant, we have the experience and capabilities to handle any type and scale of steel structure. To discuss your upcoming project, contact our Jeemon office today.

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